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Jul 27, 2017

Whether you own an Etsy shop, business, sell your cards at craft fairs or shop online, PayPal is MORE than just a way to collect or spend money.  On today's show, we talk with Jason Smith from PayPal and he gives us the inside scoop on all the ways PayPal can help you AND your business.  From payment solutions, shopping, peace of mind, dolling out funds to your children, working capital for your business and their Business in a Box.






How else does PayPal act as a growth partner for small business?


PayPal Here - Credit Card Reader <<<< Great for the craft fairs coming up!!!

Working Capital

Business in a Box

$10,000 Business Make Over


PayPal for Consumers


PayPal Here

PayPal Account

PayPal Me <<<< Essentially, sending money to those children who always need money


Contact PayPal