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Jul 17, 2017

I had to have one last guest on the show to go with our Planner Series to talk about Traveler's Notebooks and working with leather products.  Chris Barrett from the AltGuild creates these stunning leather Traveler's Notebooks that I am absolutely IN LOVE with!  Today, we talk about the reasons behind a Traveler's Notebook, working with leather and what goes into the creation of one.  





Custom orders are on hold...he said forever, but does that really mean FOR-EV-ER?


Chris's Favorites

Favorite Custom Order: Alice in Wonderland cover

Favorite Size TN: Tachikoma 

Favorite Part of Owning a Business:

"Planting a seed and watching it grow." - Chris Barrett, AltGuild


Where to Find Chris

Website (Etsy)




My Traveler's Notebook


My Old Soul in the A5 size




Dragon Scales Josefine and I May Come to Blows Over




The Cover That Started It All